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I've been doing web work for ten years. Some of the things I do on a regular basis include: web design, graphics design (website graphics, logos, book covers), SEO (search engine optimization) consulting, tech support, and general website project management.

With my background and experience, I feel very confident in telling you this: starting a website is easy. No, really -- it is. I don't say that because I've done it many times before and I'm used to the process. It really is a simple undertaking, and when you use a well-organized web host like DreamHost, it's even easier.

This guide that I've created makes the process so simple. Everything is laid out for you with step-by-step instructions. Most of the steps have an image of what you will be seeing as you follow along.

I know that you'll have a great time with this. Once you've gone through the process once, you'll wonder why it seemed so mysterious.

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A Funny Bunny PDF (Adobe DRM) download by Bonnie Martin
A Funny Bunny
Bonnie Martin
AuthorHouse, January 2014
ISBN: 9781491854723
Format: PDF
Our price: $3.99
How To Start A Website - For Beginners PDF download by Bonnie Martin
How To Start A Website - For Beginners
Bonnie Martin
Bonnie Martin, April 2012
Format: PDF
Our price: $9.95