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In early life Robert Jameson believed there was a property of life yet unexplained by science, that living creatures were likely receiving signals from some external source. Then one day the penny dropped. “What if our consciousness were the reproductive cell of an external being. Is it possible our consciousness is encoded in a signal, same way the formula for our own species is passed through generations encoded in DNA?” This was the germ of an idea that over several years he worked into a model that now answers most of the big questions that have baffled people for years.

Encouraged by the fact that Charles Darwin when joining Beagle was but an amateur biologist who won the berth by fortunate chance, Robert undertook to research and write his treatise. Yet this presented a monumental hurdle, one to quickly deflate many who suffer severe dyslexia. He learned early that he must meet this challenge all through life having taken seven years to complete the first five grades in primary school. He was further spurred when discovering Albert Einstein was also dyslexic and but an obscure patents clerk when discovering the theory of relativity. So he embarked in earnest to find scientific data to substantiate his model.

Robert left school semi-literate without completing year 10 to work on his family’s property for six years at Keith, South Australia. He later took a correspondence course to obtain his Leaving Certificate to pass all five subjects in one year then went on to gain a BA degree at Monash University (Melbourne) at age 28, majoring in history and politics. Despite still dismally slow reading and sub-standard spelling but aided by timely computer technology, he successfully embraced the daunting challenge of qualifying as a teacher to spend two years in aboriginal communities in Australia’s ‘outback’, then teaching English as a second language in Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2001 with a computer that converts text to speech he moved to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand where God Gametes came to fruition.

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The God Gametes Theory of Universal Life and Consciousness PDF download by Robert Jameson
The God Gametes Theory of Universal Life and Consciousness
Robert Jameson
Robert James Simspon, April 2012
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