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Muhia Ndung'u

Muhia Ndung'u is a former atheist turned Biblical Life Coach, specializing in Marriage & Relationships, having accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. He also writes spiritual and relationship articles for various websit…
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Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Kurt Vonnegut was a 20th-century American writer. His works blend satire, gallows humor, and science fiction. As a citizen he was a lifelong supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union and a critical leftist intellectual.…
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Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut was a 20th-century American writer. His works blend satire, gallows humor, and science fiction. As a citizen he was a lifelong supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union and a critical leftist intellectual.…
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George Orwell

Eric Arthur Blair, known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English novelist and journalist. His work is marked by clarity, intelligence and wit, awareness of social injustice, opposition to totalitarianism, and belief in…
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DJ Wilson

Known as an 'original thinker' throughout his business, teaching, and non-fiction writing career, DJ Wilson now brings unique and intriguing premises to fiction. His first work, The Elite, is an entertaining adventure woven…
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Lisa Dillman

Lisa Dillman teaches in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Emory University and has translated numerous works of fiction by Argentine, Mexican, Catalan, and Spanish writers.
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Sabina Berman

Sabina Berman is a four-time winner of the Mexican National Theatre Prize for her plays; she also writes filmscripts, poetry, prose, and journalism, and has published several novellas.
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Robert Tutino

Author Robert Tutino makes his home on Long Island, New York. He lives with his wife and five children. Robert is a veteran firefighter, who currently serves as Captain in his community’s volunteer fire department.
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ML Stedman

M. L. Stedman was born and raised in Western Australia, and now lives in London.The Light Between Oceans is her first novel.
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Rupert Sheldrake

RUPERT SHELDRAKE studied natural sciences at Cambridge and philosophy at Harvard, took a Ph.D. in biochemistry at Cambridge, and was a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge. The author of several books and more than fifty scientif…
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Bill Plummer

In my early twenties, I came across some psychology books that explained how my mind, emotions and body were all tied together, and that they acted in unison. These books offered me ways to detect and unlearn counter-productive…
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Angela Buck

Angela knelt at an altar in a small church holding a revival in Eugene, Oregon in 1966 and surrendered her life to Jesus Christ. A life of neglect, abuse, street life, alcoholism and confinement in jail, juvenile home and…
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Kathy Reichs

Kathy Reichs’s first novel Déjà Dead catapulted her to fame when it became a New York Times bestseller and won the 1997 Ellis Award for Best First Novel.
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Anthony Huso

Knowing that a B.A. in English wasn’t likely to land him a good-paying job, Anthony did the only thing he could think of: he got the degree as quickly and cheaply as he could. Having dreamt of being an author since age eight,…
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Frank Tallis

Frank Tallis is a writer and clinical psychologist. He has held lecturing posts at the Institute of Psychiatry and King's College, London.
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Dr. Phil McGraw

Dr. Phil McGraw, perhaps the most well-known mental health professional in the world, is the host of the new leader in daytime talk, Dr. Phil. Launched in 2002, Dr. Phil provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health…
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Suzanne Collins

Since 1991, Suzanne Collins has been busy writing for children’s television. She has worked on the staffs of several Nickelodeon shows, including the Emmy-nominated hit Clarissa Explains it All and The Mystery Files of Shelby…
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G W Eccles

George Eccles lived in Russia and Central Asia for ten years during the tumultuous period that followed the breakup of the Soviet Union. As a Moscow-based partner in one of the major financial services firms, his work brought…
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Stephen Chbosky

Stephen Chbosky wrote and directed the feature film adaptation of his novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he graduated from the University of Southern California’s Filmic Writing Progra…
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Gunnar Backstrom

Gunnar Backstrom received his PhD in physics at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, where he also served for a few years as a tenured lecturer. Later he was nominated professor and head of the Physics Department at the Universit…
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