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George MacDonald

George MacDonald was a Scottish poet, best known for his children’s and fantasy writing. A Christian minister, he was also known for his unorthodox theology.
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Kathryn Stockett

Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help, was born in Mississippi in 1969. The Help, published in 2009, was turned into a film in 2011. Stockett’s novel and its film adaptation have been well received by critics and audiences…
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Frank Peretti

Frank Peretti is an author known for his Christian fiction. Born in Canada in 1951, Peretti was raised in Seattle.
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David Drake

American writer David Drake is best known for his military science fiction and fantasy novels. Drake was born in 1945 in Iowa. He earned degrees in history and classics, and was studying law when he was drafted into the Army…
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Lynne Truss

Lynne Truss, best known for her humorous novels and non-fiction, was born in Surrey in 1955. She studied English at University College London, and has worked as a writer, critic, and broadcaster since 1977.
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William Barclay

William Barclay was a Scottish minister and writer. Born in 1907, his work aimed to make Biblical scholarship accessible to a larger audience.
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Anita Diamant

Jewish-American author Anita Diamant was born in 1951 in New Jersey. She moved to Colorado with her family at twelve. She lives in Newton, Massachusetts, where she helped found a community-based ritual bath.
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John Milton

John Milton, born in 1608, was a British poet and critic. He is best known for his epic poem, Paradise Lost, which was published in 1664.
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Alison Weir

Alison Weir is one of the most successful female British historians, and is best known for her popular histories of British royalty. Weir was born in London in 1951 and had an early interest in history. She began training to…
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Astrid Lindgren

The author of beloved children’s stories, Astrid Lindgren was born in Sweden in 1907. As a child she loved reading, and was drawn to a writing career from an early age.
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Naomi Novik

Science fiction and fantasy author Naomi Novik was born in New York in 1973, the first-generation American child of European immigrants.
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Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker is an author of over forty books, including mysteries, fantasies, and thrillers. His books have been New York Times best sellers, and have sold over 5 million copies worldwide.
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Valerie Tripp

Author Valerie Tripp has written over 30 books for children. She is best known for her contributions to the American Girl series.
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Joe Haldeman

Joe Haldeman is an award-winning American science fiction writer. His novels and stories have earned him four Hugo awards, five Nebula awards, and the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award for lifetime achievement.
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J.A. Jance

J. A. Jance is an American horror and thriller writer. She was born in 1944 in South Dakota and raised in Arizona. She earned degrees in English, Education, and Library Science at the University of Arizona.
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Ann Marie Healy

Ann Marie Healy is a playwright, screenwriter, and journalist. Her work has been produced in the United States as well as internationally, and her plays, essays, and stories have been published through Smith & Kraus, Samuel…
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Andrew Zolli

Andrew Zolli directs the global innovation network PopTech and has served as a fellow of the National Geographic Society. His work and ideas have appeared in a wide array of media outlets, including PBS, The New York Times,…
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Christopher Andersen

Christopher Andersen is a journalist and the author of William and Kate and twenty-nine other books, including thirteen New York Times bestsellers and the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Day Diana Died. Andersen has written…
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Ilchi Lee

Ilchi Lee is a South Korean author and the founder of a variety of mind-body training methods, including Dahnhak, Dahn yoga, Brain Respiration, Brain Education, and DahnMuDo. Lee began teaching his methods in a park in the…
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Émile Zola

Émile Zola was born in 1840, and was one of the most famous French writers of the 19th century. His writing is considered the most important examples of French literary realism, and he was extremely influential in his own time.
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