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Marjorie Harris

Marjorie Harris lives in Toronto her my husband Jack Batten in the same house they bought in 1967 and where their four kids grew up. They now have three grandchildren, which brings their family total to 13. Out of that mob,…
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Burton D Fisher

Burton D. Fisher is a former opera conductor and student of the Mannes and Juilliard schools. He is presently author-publisher of over 150 books about opera and operas: the Opera Classics Library Series; Opera Journeys Mini…
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H. Norman Wright

H. Norman Wright is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist and he has taught in the Grad. Department of Biola University. He was former director of the Graduate Department of Marriage, Family and Child Counseling at…
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Dr. Jerry Savelle

Dr. Jerry Savelle was an average, blue-collar man who was struggling and needed God’s help. While he considered himself a “nobody,” when he became a believer God told him not to worry about it because He was a master at making…
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George Barna

A native New Yorker, George Barna has filled executive roles in politics, marketing, advertising, media, research and ministry. He founded the The Barna Group in 1984 and helped it become the nation’s leading marketing research…
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Richard Bachman

Richard Bachman is a pen name used by fiction author Stephen King in his early career. At the time, publishers generally limited authors to one a book every year, since publishing more would not be acceptable to the public.
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Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich is an American writer. She began her career writing short contemporary romance novels under the pen name Steffie Hall, but gained fame authoring a series of contemporary mysteries featuring Stephanie Plum, a…
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Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris a New York Times bestselling author who has been writing for thirty years. She was born and raised in the Mississippi River Delta area. Though her early works consisted largely of poems about ghosts and teenage…
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Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel is the three-time bestselling author of A Place of Yes, Naturally Thin, and The Skinnygirl Dish. She is the creator of the Skinnygirl brand, which extends to cocktails, beauty, fitness, and health. She is also…
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Jonah Lehrer

Jonah Lehrer is a Contributing Editor at Wired and the author of How We Decide and Proust Was a Neuroscientist. (His next book, Imagine, will be out in March 2012.) He is also a frequent contributor to The New Yorker and Radiol…
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Nadine Gordimer

Nadine Gordimer (born 20 November 1923) is a South African writer, political activist and recipient of the 1991 Nobel Prize in Literature, when she was recognised as a woman "who through her magnificent epic writing has – in…
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Tatiana De Rosnay

Tatiana de Rosnay was born on September 28th, 1961 in the suburbs of Paris. She is of English, French and Russian descent. Her father is French scientist Joël de Rosnay, her grandfather was painter Gaëtan de Rosnay. Tatiana’s…
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Nancy Gibbs

Nancy Gibbs is Deputy Managing Editor of TIME magazine and coauthor with Michael Duffy of the New York Times bestseller The Preacher and the Presidents; Billy Graham in the White House. Named by the Chicago Tribune as one of…
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Patricia Cornwell

Patricia Cornwell (born Patricia Carroll Daniels; June 9, 1956) is a contemporary American crime writer. She is widely known for writing a popular series of novels featuring the heroine Dr. Kay Scarpetta, a medical examiner.
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Lyle E. Schaller

Lyle E. Schaller is the country's leading interpreter of congregational systems and their vitality. He is the author of dozens of books, including From
Geography to Affinity, also published by Abingdon Press. He lives in Naperv…
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S.G. Browne

Scott G. Browne is the author of Breathers (Broadway 2009), a dark comedy about life after undeath through the eyes of an ordinary zombie. His second novel, Fated (NAL 2010), is an irreverent comedy about fate, destiny, and…
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Angelo J Guglielmo Jr.

Angelo J. Guglielmo, Jr. is the producer and director of the forthcoming documentary The Woman Who Wasn’t There. He was befriended by Tania Head when she asked him to make a documentary about the 9/11 survivors, and he captured…
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Michael Lee West

Michael Lee West is the author of five novels including Crazy Ladies, Mad Girls in Love, American Pie, She Flew the Coop as well as a food memoir Consuming Passions. She lives with her husband on a farm in Lebanon, Tennessee…
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John Scalzi

John Scalzi is an American author and online writer, and president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. He is best known for his Hugo Award-nominated science fiction novel Old Man's War, released by Tor Books…
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Anne Sebba

Anne Sebba is a British biographer, lecturer and journalist. Sebba has written for the Times Educational Supplement and The Independent, and worked as a correspondent for Reuters. She has been cited as an authority on biography…
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