How to read on your iPad / iPhone

First: Get Bluefire Reader. You will need to have Bluefire Reader version 2.0 or higher on your iOS device.  Bluefire Reader is free and can be found on the Apple App Store.

Second: Authorize Bluefire Reader with the same Adobe ID that you used to authorize Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. 

In order to read your eBooks on your iPhone and / or iPad, please follow these instructions:

1. Download Bluefire Reader

2. Open the Bluefire Reader app on your iPad or iPhone and authorize it with your Adobe ID username and password.

(If you don’t remember your Adobe username, open Adobe Digital Editions, go to Library -> Authorize Computer. The popup screen will tell you what username the computer is authorized to.)

3. To transfer encrypted ePubs, open iTunes and click on your device on the left side, then click the App tab.

4. Click the Bluefire Reader App.

5. Open your Documents folder and look for a folder called “Digital Editions”.

6. Drag the books you want from the Digital Editions folder onto the App section in iTunes.

Happy reading!