How to read on your iPad / iPhone

Adobe DRM eBooks can be read on your iPad or iPhone with Bluefire Reader.

You must first download the eBook to your computer following the instructions on the Adobe Digital Editions page. Once that's completed, follow the instructions here to transfer the eBook to your iOS device.

Bluefire Reader Instructions

1. Download Bluefire Reader

Open iTunes on your computer and find the Bluefire Reader app.

2. Authorize Bluefire Reader with your Adobe ID username and password. (This may only be necessary if you haven't already authorized your computer through Adobe Digital Editions.) Use the same Adobe ID that you used when downloading the eBook to your computer.

3. Sync Bluefire Reader to your iPhone or iPad.

4. Navigate to the Apps screen and scroll to the bottom. Click the Bluefire Reader icon. You will then see a button for "Add File". Click that to browse your computer and find the eBook that you want to send to your iPhone or iPad.

Click any of the images above for a larger view.

These instructions are for iTunes version 12. If you have a different version, you might see slightly different screens, but the general process will be the same.

Happy reading!