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Forgotten Dreams
Forgotten Dreams
Crimson Romance, August 2012
ISBN: 9781440554391
Shane Connelly - a pretty young entrepreneur - is determined to shake things up as she leaves her drone of a boyfriend Marc, and the mean streets of Miami far behind. She goes in search of greener pastures >>
List Price: $4.99 eBook price: $3.99
Forgotten Dreams
Forgotten Dreams
Cornerstone Digital, January 2011
ISBN: 9781446411100
Lottie Lacey and her mother, Louella, share a house in Victoria Court with Mr Magic and his son Baz. Lottie is a child star, dancing and singing at the Gaiety Theatre to an enraptured audience, whilst >>
List Price: $11.88 eBook price: $9.99
Dreams not Forgotten: Hope for a Better Tomorrow
Dreams not Forgotten: Hope for a Better Tomorrow
Trafford Publishing, March 2011
ISBN: 9781426959851
Dreams Not Forgotten presents a loving portrait of a man named Bill who has overcome the obstacles that would stop many in their tracks. Author Will Kalinke shares the ups and downs that Bill has encountered >>
List Price: $9.99 eBook price: $8.99