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In a Queer Country
In a Queer Country
Arsenal Pulp Press, January 2011
ISBN: 9781551523989
In terms of rights and freedoms for queers, Canada holds an international reputation as among the most liberal of nations. Yet this picture of harmonious gay and lesbian assimilation is nothing if not >>
List Price: $19.99 eBook price: $15.99
Little Mr. Thimblefinger and His Queer Country
Little Mr. Thimblefinger and His Queer Country, September 2010
ISBN: 9782819903086
Once upon a time there lived on a plantation, in the very middle of Middle Georgia, a little girl and a little boy and their negro nurse. The little girl's name was Sweetest Susan. That was the name her >>
List Price: $2.49 eBook price: $1.99
Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music
Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music
University of California Press, April 2014
ISBN: 9780520958340
In her provocative new book Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music, Nadine Hubbs looks at how class and gender identity play out in one of America's most culturally and politically charged forms of popular >>
List Price: $34.95 eBook price: $31.99