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True Lust: A Story of Erotica Told in Three Parts
True Lust: A Story of Erotica Told in Three Parts
Abernathy and Monroe, November 2015
ISBN: 9781938107696
Now available at a special discounted preorder price! Together for the first time, the entire Lust On series! True Lust: A Story of Erotica Told in Three Parts is about a young woman who is bored with >>
List Price: $3.49 eBook price: $2.99
Lesbian Erotica: Lust-filled Night
Lesbian Erotica: Lust-filled Night, October 2015
ISBN: 9781329635227
Amanda was travelling to another town to meet her friend. However, a flight attendant caught her attention on the plane and asked her to contact her. Amanda decided to postpone her meeting and met the >>
eBook price: $0.99
Get Away for Lust (Lesbian Erotica)
Get Away for Lust (Lesbian Erotica), October 2015
ISBN: 9781329637504
Angela and Lindsey were friends, but had some intimate encounters without talking about them. They did not know what was going on between them. They went on a weekend out of the town and decided to talk >>
eBook price: $0.99
Lust Bites
Lust Bites, September 2015
ISBN: 9781326411350
Could you refuse the ecstatic bite from a vampire? Trespassers Will Be Bitten - College student, Ashley discovers what delicious things can happen to those trespassing into a vampire's lair. Dark Desire >>
List Price: $3.49 eBook price: $2.99
Lust For Bad Boys
Lust For Bad Boys
eXtasyBooks, September 2015
ISBN: 9781487404611
Years after her husband's death, Mirra Shade lives alone in her motorhome. She is living close to her son and his three children, but at night, the loneliness of an empty bed plagues her. Mirra has a thing >>
eBook price: $5.99
Sex Magic: Powerful Spells for Lust and Passion
Sex Magic: Powerful Spells for Lust and Passion, September 2015
ISBN: 9781329544048
Sex magic is the attempt to increase the passion of someone, or to seduce them as a sex partner through magical means rather than through direct action. It can be implemented in a variety of ways, such >>
List Price: $4.99 eBook price: $3.99
Submitting to the Bikers' Lust
Submitting to the Bikers' Lust, August 2015
ISBN: 9781329458505
Melissa's first experience in Los Angeles is proving to be a dangerously sensuous one. Stranded in the streets after being used by the man who conned her, the naive young woman is completely out of her >>
List Price: $3.49 eBook price: $2.99
A Dragon's Wild Lust
A Dragon's Wild Lust, August 2015
ISBN: 9781329485839
Anna has been sheltered her entire life. It's hard not to be. After all, she was raised by a clan consisting entirely of male weredragons. Her innocence is forever shattered when she crosses path with >>
List Price: $3.49 eBook price: $2.99
Python: Hell Slithers, Lust Simmers
Python: Hell Slithers, Lust Simmers
iUniverse, August 2015
ISBN: 9781491770153
For the residents of beautiful Palm Harbour, life is a dream. They live in a quaint community on Florida's scenic west coast, where nature's beauty is a calming buffer from the stresses of the rest of >>
eBook price: $3.99
Lust for Daddy's Best Friend (Erotica)
Lust for Daddy's Best Friend (Erotica), August 2015
ISBN: 9781329518407
After her divorce, Donna came back to live with her parents. A few weeks later, her father decided to help his best friend by giving him a room since he lost everything through a painful divorce. Donna >>
eBook price: $0.99
Interracial Lust Erotic Story Compilations
Interracial Lust Erotic Story Compilations, August 2015
ISBN: 9781329506046
Interracial Lust Erotic Story Compilations. erotic wife interracial story.
List Price: $3.99 eBook price: $2.99
Secrecies of Lust
Secrecies of Lust, June 2015
ISBN: 9781329217942
Inspired by Ovid's mythological water nymph, Secrecies of Lust is a contemporary tale of a girl's sexual awakening and the potency of lust. Please note: A taboo version of the story is published at Carnal >>
List Price: $3.49 eBook price: $2.99
Love Lust & Emptiness
Love Lust & Emptiness, June 2015
ISBN: 9781329171015
Love, Lust and Emptiness are poems of love, heartbreak, loss, lust, hope and emptiness. This is a look into poet, Latonya D. Young's soul. Once again she bears all in this body of work, giving you the >>
eBook price: $0.99
My Life - Ghetto, Love,and Lust
My Life - Ghetto, Love,and Lust, June 2015
ISBN: 9781329156210
This is a very raw look at my life threw spoken word, no corrections no editing, even the title is not perfect because my life is not perfect
List Price: $9.99 eBook price: $7.99
That Almost Unnameable Lust (NHB Modern Plays)
That Almost Unnameable Lust (NHB Modern Plays)
Nick Hern Books, June 2015
ISBN: 9781780014494
A writer holding workshops with older women in a prison finds herself struggling with the truth of their stories. This play was originally published in the volume Charged, a collection of plays about the >>
List Price: $7.28 eBook price: $5.99
Erotica: Short Stories of Lust and Passion!
Erotica: Short Stories of Lust and Passion!, April 2015
ISBN: 9781329059986
POWERFUL HOT EROTIC STORIES THAT WILL LET YOUR JUICES FLOW LIKE WATER FALL!!! Enjoy the intense heat of erotic lust and passion reading these powerful and hot adult stories. Get ready for a huge and dirty >>
List Price: $3.49 eBook price: $2.99
Savage Lust
Savage Lust
Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc, February 2015
ISBN: 9781419946325
Night Seekers, Book Five The Night Seekers, a clandestine group of humans and wolf shifters, are on the trail of the Chupacabra. For team member Dante Martello, killing as many of the beasts as possible >>
List Price: $6.99 eBook price: $5.99
Lust, Love, Dreams and Heartache
Lust, Love, Dreams and Heartache, February 2015
ISBN: 9781326178420
A collection of beautiful and sensual, Romantic and Erotic poetry. The words will delve to the core of the reader and pull them into a world of reality and fantasy. To end it all is a short erotic story. >>
eBook price: $0.99
Enemies with Benefits: Love & Lust in the city that never sleeps!
Enemies with Benefits: Love & Lust in the city that never sleeps!
Harlequin Special Releases, February 2015
ISBN: 9781460380772
The last man on earth she should hook up with! Poppy Spencer has discovered that there's one thing worse than Christmas alone in her flat, and that's spending it with Isaac Blair—her sworn-enemy-turned-reluctant-flatmate! >>
eBook price: $4.99
Sleeping with the Soldier: Love & Lust in the city that never sleeps!
Sleeping with the Soldier: Love & Lust in the city that never sleeps!
Harlequin Special Releases, February 2015
ISBN: 9781460380758
A sleepless night too many! All Lara Connor knows about the hot-as-sin guy who lives above her is that his nocturnal activities are keeping her awake. A lot. Fed up—and not at all jealous!—she decides >>
eBook price: $4.99