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Mind Travel
Mind Travel
AuthorHouse, November 2015
ISBN: 9781504960007
"Mind Travel" is a book that explores your deepest, darkest thoughts, fears, and delusions, imposing infinite realms of terror into the innermost depths of your mind. Skeptical? Then open this world of >>
eBook price: $3.99
European Travel: The Complete European Travel Guide
European Travel: The Complete European Travel Guide, September 2015
ISBN: 9781329543744
This ebook will give you information about countries on the European continent about their source of electricity, population and language, climate, attractions, duty free items and prohibited items. GRAB >>
List Price: $2.49 eBook price: $1.99
Travel the Word
Travel the Word, July 2015
ISBN: 9781329382114
Travel the Word takes us to some of the marvelous books of Paul in the New Testament. Then we move on to the extraordinary work of Ezekiel and the Psalms of David. A trip to be enjoyed by all.
List Price: $8.99 eBook price: $6.99
Have Boots Will Travel
Have Boots Will Travel, July 2015
ISBN: 9781326325428
This is not an autobiography, but an adventure story with a foreword from Sir Geoff Hurst, MBE. Brian McIntyre's life changed when he was sent to Singapore at the age of 18 to complete his National Service, >>
List Price: $12.99 eBook price: $9.99
Pound Travel Vol4
Pound Travel Vol4, July 2015
ISBN: 9781329107434
PoundTravel Vol4 - Archive for April 2015 , over 25 travel articles
List Price: $3.49 eBook price: $2.99
Cannot Stay: Essays on Travel
Cannot Stay: Essays on Travel
Etruscan Press, June 2015
ISBN: 9780990322108
In Cannot Stay, Oderman explores the reasons we travel in searching essays about trips to Indonesia, SE Asia and Europe.
List Price: $9.99 eBook price: $7.99
An Invitation to Travel
An Invitation to Travel
Hilary Emberton, May 2015
ISBN: 9780986145117
Take a pictorial voyage around the world through An Invitation To Travel. Step inside this book to see that Earth is an amazing and wonderful place and that despite deep cultural differences, people everywhere >>
List Price: $3.99 eBook price: $2.99
Pound Travel Vol3
Pound Travel Vol3, April 2015
ISBN: 9781329033795
Pound Travel Vol3 - March 2015 Archive - Collection of March articles
List Price: $3.49 eBook price: $2.99
China, the Future of Travel
China, the Future of Travel
Leyoba Limited, April 2015
ISBN: 9780993185816
China - the Future of Travel will give you the understanding and insights you need in order to operate successfully in this challenging, complicated but potentially hugely profitable marketplace. You will >>
List Price: $14.99 eBook price: $11.99
Julia and the Art of Practical Travel
Julia and the Art of Practical Travel
Knopf Books for Young Readers, March 2015
ISBN: 9780385752848
When her grandmother dies and the once-majestic family estate is sold, eleven-year-old Julia Lancaster and her aunt Constance must take to the road to find Julia’s long-lost mother. They bring with them >>
eBook price: $10.99
Pound Travel Vol1
Pound Travel Vol1, March 2015
ISBN: 9781329009080
January 2015 Archive of "We care about your travel" collection of of travel articles.
List Price: $2.49 eBook price: $1.99
Pound Travel Vol2
Pound Travel Vol2, March 2015
ISBN: 9781329009127
A collection of travel stories - February 2015 - We care about your travel - Archive
List Price: $2.49 eBook price: $1.99
Questions of Travel
Questions of Travel
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, January 2015
ISBN: 9781466889453
The publication of this book is a literary event. It is Miss Bishop's first volume of verse since Poems, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1955. This new collection consists of two parts. >>
eBook price: $7.99
Lyme Travel
Lyme Travel, August 2014
ISBN: 9781291968910
A time travel novel linking the years 2010 and 2356 with the Ledator family.
eBook price: $0.99
Travel Origami: 24 Fun and Functional Travel Keepsakes
Travel Origami: 24 Fun and Functional Travel Keepsakes
Tuttle Publishing, August 2014
ISBN: 9781462914401
In her new book, Travel Origami, author Cindy Ng shows you how to take the paper souvenirs you collect on your travels and turn them into beautiful and useful folded origami objects that serve as visible >>
List Price: $14.95 eBook price: $11.99
Japan Travel Atlas
Japan Travel Atlas
Periplus Editions, August 2014
ISBN: 9781462916207
Finding your way around Japan is a breeze with this handy Tuttle travel atlas. Designed for the adventurous traveler and containing all the maps you'll need on your explorations, this atlas includes many >>
List Price: $16.95 eBook price: $12.99
Stagecoach Travel
Stagecoach Travel
Shire, July 2014
ISBN: 9780747815365
This book explores the history of travelling by stagecoach from the sixteenth century through to the end of the nineteenth century, focusing on the heyday of around 1750-1850. It looks at the improvements >>
List Price: $7.95 eBook price: $5.99
Inside London Travel Guide
Inside London Travel Guide, July 2014
ISBN: 9781291941944
Your definitive guide covering everything from bustling high street to secret alleyway. Whether it's a break for the adults or the kids are coming too, you're sure to find something to do Inside London. >>
List Price: $9.99 eBook price: $7.99
The Travel Writer: A Mystery
The Travel Writer: A Mystery
Alibi, June 2014
ISBN: 9780804178174
Award-winning author Jeff Soloway debuts an entertaining new mystery series featuring a globe-trotting, caper-solving travel writer with a witty voice and a penchant for landing in sticky situations. >>
eBook price: $2.99
The Dead Travel Fast
The Dead Travel Fast
Clink Street Publishing, June 2014
ISBN: 9781909477070
When archaeologist Steve Watkins fled to the Greek island of Samos to escape the horror he’d unearthed at Skendleby, he’d hoped to have found refuge. But the ancient terror that had spawned at Skendleby >>
List Price: $2.99 eBook price: $2.90