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And The Angels Sing

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Publication date: September 2007
ISBN: 9780595873869
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There are no events more unbelievable than these that have happened in my lifetime. That's why I'm writing it all down.

Author Emery W. Tuttle has had an exciting life full of adventure, love, war, spirituality, sadness, and victory. His engaging memoir, And the Angels Sing: Stories of a World War II Pilot, provides a vivid, detailed glimpse into Tuttle's life.

Growing up in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin, Tuttle has his share of adventures, from being relentlessly pursued by a pretty girl to causing a beer truck to tip over. While serving in the Oconomowoc Wisconsin National Guard Company, Tuttle faces increasing frustration with the military, stemming from an incident when his father was in the service. Later he faces the daunting experience of hitchhiking through Middle America at a time when the Army doesn't provide food or travel allowance for soldiers on leave-and during this time has the privilege of being a member of one big, United States family. While in the Central Pacific Theater, he is involved in the capture of a Japanese flag-with an airplane.

If you want to slow down, don't ever retire. At eighty-six, he still flies his little 200 mph plane, and is busier than he's ever been. With many tales to tell, he spins the fascinating story of his life into a poignant memoir.

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