Awakenings: The Racial War Saga: Book 1 PDF download by A.J. O'Connell

Awakenings: The Racial War Saga: Book 1

Publication date: September 2009
ISBN: 9781449017835
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Fuming with rage and bitterness six friends band together to avenge the destruction of a small human settlement. Through sheer determination and stoic resolve they succeed, though at what cost? Because of their actions, one of them will fall to the enemy and Velthanjantle, the demonic avatar of Kargonis is resurrected. Though weak, the demon breaks free to reign havoc once again upon the world. Fifteen years later, the demon is fully healed and searching for the mysterious Three Chains of Gold; three relics from the War of the Gods which when united will bring about new balance among the Greater Realms. If Velthanjantle is able to find the chains the dark god could be free once more to walk among mortals and foil the decree set in place at the culmination of the War of the Gods by Ravina Estarra, the Goddess of Time. It falls on those who released the demon to gather their forces and train their armies and guilds to stop the end of the world. Together or separated, six mortals must set in motion the events necessary to save Reality from ultimate doom. From demonic plots and greedy dragons to hardened assassins and pious priests, the demon Velthanjantle quickly becomes the least of their problems.
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