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Dear Timothy,

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Publication date: October 2005
ISBN: 9780595817450
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The world is impressed by the mega churches springing up throughout the world with thousands of members. There is still great validity in the small mini-churches, whether rural, or mall churches where the size is not, and never will be, as important as the fellowship. Dear Timothy, is a tool to honestly evaluate your ministry, and the Christian witness, regardless of the size of the congregation. Presented are subjects pertinent to all congregations. The author's aim is to assist you to assess critically your present church situation. For over two thousand years Christianity has changed the culture in which it was found and therefore is considered dangerous by non-Christian countries. In the success-oriented, mass-media, and speed-dominated emphasis within our own country, we need to rethink what we are doing with Christian worship and service and individual witness, and why we are doing it lest the culture does more to change the Christian faith, than the faith changes the culture. Biblically oriented critical thinking is encouraged that we might be honest to the faith that we have received and which we pass on to future generations.
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