Jihad or Freedom of Belief?!:  Anti-terrorist Understanding of Islam PDF download by Omer Elgarrai

Jihad or Freedom of Belief?!: Anti-terrorist Understanding of Islam

Publication date: July 2004
ISBN: 9781414089782
Digital Book format: PDF (DRM-Free)


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This book is not like hundreds of books written by Islamic writers denying any relation between Islam and terrorism. Nor it is like other books written by wsome Western writers who try by any means to connect between Islam and terrorism. Depending on the ideology of the Islamic reformer Mahmoud Mohammed Taha (1909-1985), that distinguishes between the spirit of Islam and the letter of Islamic laws (Shari'a), the book criticized the concept of Jihad as being a temporary branch and not a permanent origin of Islam. Islamic fanatic groups justified attacking the WTC and killing thousands of innocent people by the idea of Jihad. What if Muslims know that the prophet Muhammad did not even defend himself or his followers for the first thirteen years of his mission? During that period he was laying the original revelation in which people are free to be believers or disbelievers. God Said in the Qur'an: Say: the truth is from your Lord; so let whosoever will believe, ad let whosoever will disbelieve..." (18: 29). But the Arabs at the seven century were not capable of enduring this standard and they conspired against the prophet to kill him. The standard of freedom of belief was abrogated by the standard of Jihad after the prophet migrated to Medina. I order for Muslims to be accepted by God they have to revive the origin of their religion that praises the human being and sustains he freedom of belief. This means abolishing Jihad because our modern society which accepted human rights will not comprehend forcing other into any kind of creed. Peace is the heart of Islam though it has been covered for a long time with the Shari'a which was suitable for that ancient society just as peace is suitable for out time. This book illustrates how and why the spirit of Islam should be revived for the benefit of humanity as a whole.
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