June 6, 2006 6.6.6 PDF download by Harry Walther

June 6, 2006 6.6.6

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Publication date: June 2006
ISBN: 9780595838806
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JUNE 6, 2006 (6.6.6.) Now for the first time in History, you can know the true Name and Identity of The Antichrist, The Beast of Revelation 13. (as foretold in Daniel:12:4). The Bible Code reveals 2006 AD (5766 Hebrew Calendar) as The YEAR OF THE BEAST. As I finished this book on MARCH 30 2006, I was not sure if Antichrist himself would be revealed on JUNE 6 2006 or if it is my destiny to reveal this information on JUNE 6 2006? Now we know. Many End Times Mysteries are explored in this book: Could Antichrist come in A Spaceship? As The Rapture is blamed on Alien Abduction. How Mystery Babylon is The Vatican, converted to an Ancient Sex Church, when Sex and Sacrament are one, all connected to a microchip implant, Digital Money. Is Antichrist the product of Human Cloning? Taken from The DNA of CAIN, the first murderer and possibly the Son of Satan himself? (The sexual union between The Devil and Eve?) The Lost Book of Cain, a book within this book that reveals a Dark Prophecy and possibly hidden codes.
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