Mister Kreasey's Demon ePub (Adobe DRM) download by RAYMOND NICKFORD

Mister Kreasey's Demon

Haunted Books
Publication date: July 2011
ISBN: 9780954696375
Digital Book format: ePub (Adobe DRM)
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Village teacher, Matt Kreasey, is reduced to paranoia by the street-hardened students in his new inner-city London post. His student, Amy, lets him glimpse at love, but could she, too, be one of those gathering with the hunting knife which has already ended the life of his colleague ? Can a paranoid stop himself from destroying she, alone, who might have shown him what enduring love could be ? Heckled, often ignored and threatened by the street-hardened students who mistake gentleness for weakness in their teacher, Matt Kreasey has perhaps just one vestige of tenderness that he can still recognise in a student who is called Amy. "Kreasey wondered whether his student had appeared before his immaculately groomed neighbour, Doctor Mallaby, in her very highest heels, the ones that gave Amy an extra three-and-a-half inches of height over a world that had always seemed to look down on her. On her first visit, he'd noticed, Amy was slightly undernourished and shivering in a short skirt with a slit up the side. She'd been clutching her essay to her low-necked top and he'd wanted to tell her that she'd made him happy enough - just by appearing on his doorstep with those eyes which spoke of deprivation and held, for him, openness more beautiful in itself than any he'd seen in any student before." She, alone amongst his students, had tried to help him... "She was searching his eyes, confused. He recalled better times, those moments when her face had shared that open comic side of her lovemaking with him. He so wished he could deliver her from the dross that was her peer group. Unblessed though their encounters had been, he couldn't forget that she'd tried to be his passport to those from 12d... those who always seemed to be gathering, getting closer..." But reduced to paranoia about his students, Matt has his first doubts about her intentions, despite her intimacy with him... " 'Well, are we going to see you in them?' she smiled, still holding his shorts out like her trophy. But as he watched her lips they seemed to shape like those in a poorly dubbed film where the voice is out of synch' with the words... reminding him now to 'eat up' all his tablets and that, then, he wouldn't need to be 'cut up'." The acute anxiety state kicks in again, the paranoia deepening, real love seeming to be no more than a cruel deception... "He was forty-five, Kreasey thought, middle-aged and he still needed a sixteen-year-old girl to open the bottle for him. Perhaps they were right. Perhaps he should eat up all his tablets. He was going to need the next so badly when Amy had left his bed and the night seemed as if it feared returning to morning." Between sleeping pills, tranquilizers, flickerings of delusion and hallucination, Matt Kreasey fights to hold to him that which could be most dear - Amy Carter... 'Long night teacher,' class 12d seemed to chorus. 'Long is for lithe, panting tiger waitin' for you.' Amy had slept with him but now something warm and fleshy had covered his eyes, the whole mattress had sagged deep beneath him, his body sprung with the bed... all was dark as moonless night." Reviews: Atmospheric; intriguing. Beautifully observed characters. BARBARA ERSKINE, best selling author of Time's Legacy. A real page-turner, worthy of comparison with the early John Fowles but distinctively Raymond Nickford. ALLEN J. MILLINGTON SYNGE , author of Bowler Batsman Spy. Atmospheric, vibrant, spooky page-turner. REAY TANNAHILL, historian, novelist and author of The Seventh Son. As a former London teacher, Raymond Nickford has nailed the teacher's fear at the 'Lord of the Flies' pack mentality perfectly. And what a cliffhanger! MARSHA MOORE - author of The Hating Game. This sends shivers down the spine.... the author does anxiety/paranoia so chillingly well. JANE ALEXANDER - author of Walker.
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Slowish beginning, powerful middle, memorable end.

College days for me were in Greater London and I know what students from deprived homes can sometimes do to a college teacher if they don't like sitting in a chair and hearing about "The metaphysical poets" which is what Matt Kreasey has to get into their streetwise heads. He's much too sensitive, almost quaint, for his inner-city toughies and they soon run over him like a steam roller leaving him a nervous wreck. Maybe a familiar story so far but I reckon this book stands out for the way it sees into its characters from both sides of the desk and shows you how wrong you can be about many of the assumptions you can make - either as teacher or a student. Plus, the painful and strained romance between Kreasey and his young and poor student, Amy, is full of feelings you might never dream of flowering when you think of the run down and depressing streets where the students come from. Christine C-L
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I was never sure whether Kreasey's love for his student, Amy, would ever blossom as he was haunted by the fear that she just might be another amongst the gathering of street-hardened students who he believes to wish him some very nasty harm. There is a sort of social divide between them and their teacher - Kreasey being more interested in poetry than in their small time street crime. At times, teenage Amy seemed to be his only sanctuary from those who schemed to get him stressed out, until he overdoses on his Diazepam tablets or walks into the wheels of a mysterious car on his way home from college at night. Yet at other times, Amy seemed to hover over being in league with Kreasey's assassins. The play on these two possibilities heightened my interest, The book , I suppose, was as much an insight into what acute anxiety can do to a teacher as it was about the depth of genuine feeling that can be achieved between an older man and a young college student, when the younger picks up on the mental frailty of the older. Probably fair to say this one is no campus stereotype but an original. It did begin at a gentle pace, although this was where the relationships were built and yes, from the start, the mystery of who's pursuing/haunting Kreasey crept me out. The closed and dimly lit college buildings that Kreasey revisits in the night to face once more his 'demons' was one of the strangest and most eerie reads I can remember for a time. All in all, though I have to say the pace was gradual, the 'tension' was relentless, until I either tragedy or the discovery of mutual love - I won't say which - ultimately resolved the story. Pat Minter - Charleston
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