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Nuklear Age

iUniverse, Inc.
Publication date: September 2004
ISBN: 9780595773060
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It's a tale of incompetence in the face of adversity. Or is it a story of adversity in the face of incompetence? Well, anyway, there's a robot, a giant monster, a line of evil toys, a mind control plot, sub-orbital death beams, kidnappers, bad movies, a super powered gang, an usurper, and a maniacal villain hell-bent on world domination. Not all at once, though. I mean, really, could you imagine coordinating the fight scene? Or reading it? You'd have to take notes just to keep track of who hit what and why.
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Brian Clevinger is extraordinarily funny so there is no reason why this book would not be. In his usual adept way he parodies the superhero comic book genre to perfection with his wonderful characters and their heroic goings on. It is a really enjoyable book. Just one drawback is the way the story evolves. It starts out with a speckling of light-hearted, disparate adventures and is true to the comedy Clevinger is best known for. It then gathers pace, gains a stronger focus and builds up into something much darker and sinister like a gathering storm cloud. The ending in its own right is brilliant, but completely at odds with the beginning. Some indication of this shift needed to have been planted earlier so that the story doesn't seem to completely derail. Clevinger is a very good writer, though, and if this aspect were tidied up this would be a work of tragi-comic genius.
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