SECOND CHANCE: KING OF GOLOMON PDF (Adobe DRM) download by R. Richard

Publication date: August 2009
ISBN: 9781897532645
Digital Book format: PDF (Adobe DRM)


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Justin Imperiale finds that there are those who are growing and storing illegal weed in Zaya and not paying Justin his taxes. He investigates and then sets up a plan to raid a main weed storehouse in Zaya. The raid of the weed warehouse goes well and Justin gains weed, money and more weed from a truck delivering the stuff to the warehouse. Justin then leads a small scale military expedition into the area where some of the locals are growing illegal weed. Justin and his men then seize all the property of the weed growing drug lords, for non-payment of taxes. He finds that there's to be a major drug shipment up from the South of Zaya and through the territories of the few warlords who still control parts of Zaya. With the help of professional train controllers, Justin plans a raid on the drug train that's to transport the contraband through Zaya. With the help of the train controllers, his Commandos and his Voya subjects, who live in the southern jungles of Zaya, Justin steals a train in Golomon, to the South of Zaya, and hijacks the drug train cargo. Justin gets the stolen train into Zaya, but the train then suffers what the train people call a 'hot box' on one of the wheel assemblies of a car. The train can't be moved further without damage. Justin, his Commandos and the Voya set up a defence for the stalled train. Army forces from Golomon,to the South of Zaya, then try to pursue the stolen train. There's another jungle war and Justin's forces rout the Golomon forces. Justin goes to the Association of Nations people in Mervon. There's a considerable flap about stolen trains. Justin flim flams the President of the Association of Nations and lets the President know that there will probably be trouble in Golomon. The trouble will involve Justin's Voya people and Justin will intervene. Justin then asks the Association of Nations to expel Golomon, after he proves that the train in carrying drugs. Of course, Justin knows that the Association of Nations won't expel Golomon, but that the discovery of drug smuggling will make further Golomon invasion of Zaya totally impractical politically. A patrol boat arrives from out of space, piloted by a single, very beautiful woman. The woman is interrogated by Head Priests of the Temples of Averon and found to be very dangerous trap for Justin. He arranges to abandon the woman where she'll be captured by the Sky Path people, an original inhabitant revolutionary group. The woman and the Sky Path people will neutralize each other for a while. He flies down to the South of Zaya and, with Voya warriors, invades Golomon. Justin and a pitifully small force manage to fight a delaying action, until Zayan soldiers can arrive. The arrival of the Zayan soldiers results in a rout of the Golomon Army and Justin becomes the King of Golomon. In the wrap up of the conquest of Golomon, Justin flies a very sick Voya woman to a hospital in the very South of Golomon. There, he becomes involved with Mokasato original inhabitants. Justin then enters the Temple of The Mad King and, as a result, becomes the King of The Sky for the Mokasato. With the help of the Mokasato, Justin then conquests Helgryn, the country to the South of Golomon. Justin then begins the running of his new Kingdoms in Golomon and Helgryn to benefit the citizens and not just a few rich families. He then receives a message, in the Galactic language from the South Continent. The sender claims to be from the planet Glyon.
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