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Sky Scriptures

iUniverse, Inc.
Publication date: November 2005
ISBN: 9780595817030
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It is the holiest thing to be alive & happening. when did we stop understanding that? It was the very moment that we let religion become something that divides us instead of doing what it was designed to do. unite us with the spirit of existence. instead of relying upon scriptures that were written thousands of years ago, why aren't we creating new & exciting scriptures of our own that are as holy & beautiful as any ever written? Does anyone have the courage to worship the Great Spirit on their own terms any more, or has everything become so commercial that the world has bought into a brand name religion because it is the kind that's least inconvenient in the tedious habit of their morally planned out lives? What happened to our spirituality, to being in love with every divine detail of our existence in a way that was intimately connected to a harmonious balance among energies? Everything is whispering something holy as it passes us by in the blink of an eye. each breath is a gift not to be taken for granted, & these are the living scriptures of utter connectedness, & of belonging to Love at last. These are the sacred semantics of what it means to be a poet in love with being a part of this wonderfully magic creation! We are the lost prophets, the spiritual orphans of a tribe of shamans, medicine-men/women, & Christ-conscious warrior-poets seeking to transform into the manifestation of our best & most sacred dreams. Creator Spirit is all around us, & within every bit & particle of every thing both imagined, dreamed & happening. that means that once & for all, EVERYTHING IS HOLY! For in the end. God does not play favorites, & we are all one.
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