The Abducted Bride, (Erotica/Erotic Novel) PDF (Adobe DRM) download by Felice Simone

The Abducted Bride, (Erotica/Erotic Novel)

Publication date: October 2007
ISBN: 9781602090361
Digital Book format: PDF (Adobe DRM)


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A tale of a different kind of honeymoon - when a young bride is taken before her honeymoon, will she and her new husband ever be reunited? Will she survive the sexual aggressions she is subjected to again and again? With her conservative New England upbringing, she would never have consented to marry him if he had resorted to force and that's just what he would have done sooner or later. He did love her very much and didn't want to destroy their relationship by some uncontrollable act that he may have committed in the heat of passion. She was too fine a girl for that. He had to admit, in her favor, that he had nothing else to complain about. She was almost perfection personified in all other respects. In fact, it was that perfection and his piled up frustrations that caused all the trouble back in Paris. That damn body was too perfect! Things may still have been all right that first night if she hadn't insisted on taking a plane to Paris right after the ceremony. He would have preferred to stay in New York for a few days and take their time in getting to know each other. But, Jean had insisted on Paris immediately. That had meant sitting next to her on that fucking airplane for another seven hours. All that ran through his mind during the entire trip was, where he should hare been at that moment. After all, she had been stressing the ceremony all these months and that was over. She was legally his now and he still couldn't touch her. It had just been too much. By the time they arrived at the hotel in the center of Paris he was almost out of his mind - and then - she had appeared in the bathroom door in that flimsy hip length nightie. He had gone crazy. He could still see her standing there in the doorway, her body a lovely thing of art. He had seen her before in a bathing suit, but never like this. Every sensuous detail of her nakedness was lucidly clear, from her tiny rising nipples down to the soft triangle of pubic hair that nestled mysteriously below her white virginal belly. Suddenly, nothing else had mattered but ramming his hard cock into that teasing flesh. She had become just a woman, a woman that he had to have right now at any cost. All else was forgotten. "Like me, darling?" He could still hear ringing from her lips though now it seemed to have occurred centuries ago. There had been no verbal response from him, he remembered dryly. He had just reached for her, a deep animal-like groan erupting from his throat, and pulled her roughly to the bed. Her soft covered negligee had ripped away like so much tissue paper. "Be gentle, Kevin! Be gentle, please! P-Please!" Her voice had resounded through the room in terror as he held her down with one hand and ran the other greedily over the lush contours of her resisting young body, kneading her ripe succulent breasts cruelly beneath hands he no longer controlled. Tight fists of flesh protruded painfully in white bloodless ridges between his straining fingers. His head had dropped to the young budding nipples and chewed hungrily at their tips until he had felt the soft resilient flesh give way and the sweet taste of blood seeping onto his lashing tongue. "No, darling, N-Nooo, please, not this way, not this way!" she had pleaded, but the words had rolled unheeded from her tortured lips. He still had, in his madness held her wildly straining body tightly to the bed. She was imprisoned there by his heavy tensed chest that weighed upon her like a giant stone. Her long dark hair had begun thrashing helpless from side to side on the bed, her face contorted with terror. He could still remember bitterly, her dark eyes flashing wide in disbelief that this was happening to her....
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