The Holy Bible "Chronicle" of Sequential Biblical Events PDF (Adobe DRM) download by Robert Killian

The Holy Bible "Chronicle" of Sequential Biblical Events

Publication date: September 2012
ISBN: 9781477226773
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Most of us have wondered, sometime during our lifetime, about when Adam and Eve were really "expelled from paradise" in the Garden of Eden. Can we find a verifiable and replicable answer to this question? Most of us have questioned, sometime during our lifetime, the "accepted" sequential biblical timeline of Archbishop James Ussher who claimed that 4004 BC was the actual date for that initial biblical event in our current holy scriptures. Was he right? Most of us have questioned, sometime in our lifetime, how the Hebrew's "accepted" claim that 3761 BC could be the actual date for Adam's "expulsion." Were they right? Can we find a way to reconstruct the complete Hebrew Bible timeline, from Adam's "expulsion" from paradise to our day? Is this possible? Who believes that it can be done? Well, it has been done! Here, is how it is done! To reconstruct the Hebrew Bible timeline, we need to know only the simple math formula that they used! The employment of this simple formula shall enable us to rebuild that same sequential biblical timeline, block by block, in the exact same fashion that the Jewish people "use from the beginning," at Adam's "expulsion" from paradise, in the Garden of Eden. The formula used in reconstructing an "actual count" of the Hebrew Bible is found below: 7 × 7 = 49 × 10 = 490 × 10 = 4,900 solar years 7 × 7 = 49 + 1 = 50 × 10 = 500 × 10 = 5,000 lunar years Since both of these 49 solar, and 50 lunar, periods of time contain 18,200 days (approx), we can then "post the number" of any given sequential biblical event in its designated year position on a side-by-side comparison chart. If we "post the number" in this fashion, it will show us exactly when and where, on the timeline chart, there is an error in the sequential computations of any sequential biblical event that is propounded by any biblical chronologist, past or present! In this present book, we find that the Ussher biblical timeline is 112 years "too early." And the Hebrew biblical timeline of Codex Judaica is 131 years "too late." Obviously, 3892 BC is the only "year number" that can work for a verifiable timeline! This book, The Holy Bible "Chronicle" of Sequential Biblical Events, by Robert P. Killian, is the fruit of over seventy-year search for that verifiable and replicable answer to the long-sought question: "Can the Ussher biblical timeline be trusted?"
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