The Indigo Survival Guide PDF download by Olena M A Gill

The Indigo Survival Guide

Publication date: November 2006
ISBN: 9780595845798
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IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE "Super Sensitive" people-Indigos, Crystals, and Cusps-are categorized by the color of their aura, and chances are good that you know one or more of them. Perhaps you have met or heard about a Super Sensitive person, are a parent to one, or perhaps you are Super Sensitive yourself. Super Sensitives are happy and highly perceptive, yet sometimes temperamental and emotionally intense. They might also be described as "difficult" or "misunderstood." But when you look into their eyes, you know that they are special. Super Sensitives are often wise and spiritual, effective at vocalizing causes or bringing attention to global issues. In her New Age handbook The Indigo Survival Guide: An Inspiring Guide to Awakening Your True Spiritual Self author Olena Gill tells the fascinating story of how she struggled to understand her own Indigo traits, came to grips with her intuitive abilities, and learned to navigate the wilderness of her life. She offers parents, teachers, caregivers, and Super Sensitive people themselves esoteric and practical strategies for dealing with these special abilities, as well as information about the unique operation of the Super Sensitive energy system. Discover your life purpose and how you can utilize your natural intuitive ability with The Indigo Survival Guide!
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Truly Remarkable.

I wish I had come across this book when I was a teenager! The Indigo Survival Guide is such an important tool for super-sensitives. There are some in-depth questionnaires in the book which help you to identify if you, or anyone you know, may be Indigo, and explanations of what this means. I found myself nodding along with a lot that Olena writes and it was reassuring to know that I am not isolated in how I feel. I now feel confident in my intuition.
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