The Maturing of the Democratic Process PDF download by David A Harness

The Maturing of the Democratic Process

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Publication date: March 2007
ISBN: 9780595864461
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A national referendum amendment is suggested as a means by which the American middle class could re-strike the balance of power, and make the hard choices between the gridlocked Republican and Democratic Congressional versions of bills-to reform the tax code, healthcare system, national energy policy-and all the rest of the items of national security the two parties have not been able to reach compromises on in the national interest. The current broken system of government by psychological operations of the two parties is in fact seen to be in catastrophic denial, and unable to prepare the American people for the coming end to the Reagan-Bush-Democratic Congress credit era, focusing instead on personalities and their continuous campaigns of focus group designed false promises. In view of government by metaphor then: The present National Intelligence Estimate details an Emergency Spin Recovery Procedure designed to mediate between the corporate and media aerodynamic forces which have pitched Air Force One into a deep spiraling dive which will end only when President George W. Bush's People's Bank of China credit card maxes out. At that point all the jobs are coming back with a vengeance. As a constitutional measure to mediate between the competing corporate special interests, the suggested action could effect the cure sought by the line-item veto, in that the American voting public would have no patience for deciphering any hidden pork barrel agendas. Campaign finance reform would result in that the special interests could be expected to divert their funding away from fabricated personalities into presenting their facts, half truths, and outright lies to the people directly instead of having to rely on the unscrupulous politicians to do it for them. There has already been one and only one national referendum in the nation's history, the idea is to elevate to a statutory level the process by which the Constitution itself was drafted by elected representatives and voted on by the people of the state militias-for we have met the enemy, and the corporations are us.
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