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Twists in the Tale

Haunted Books
Publication date: July 2011
ISBN: 9780954696399
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In Vienna, schizophrenic, Sam Baldock, is haunted by Beethoven in A Musical Calling. Nurse Amanda is drawn into the wiles of a Harley Street hypnotist in Voices of a Hypnotist. The roots of a yew tree deliver more than sap in Family Tree. Emily is determined to 'reach out' to her dead husband in The Parchment Recipes. Stories blending eeriness, suspense, tenderness and the poignancy of lives which could be yours when driven to extremity. STORIES A Musical Calling - Schizophrenic Sam Baldock is given a day out - his last - at the Beethoven Museum in Vienna where he believes he is called by the spirit of Beethoven. What will his little daughter witness at the top of those winding steps to the Pasqualati House on the Molkerbastie, which once led to the rooms of the composer in 1810? Father's Helping Hand - Octogenarians Hubbald & Bros, piano tuners at their Old Chapel workshops, seem almost too kind when they choose to make a gift of a Steinway to their 'favourite' customer. Family Tree - Mr Glossop might be a widower, his neighbours said, but it was time he poured acid on all those diseased roots. Was he really going to let his only son have the same degrading end as Mrs Glossop? Voices of a Hypnotist - She had paid two weeks of her hard-earned salary to ease a phobia of spiders which she thought embarrassing for a nurse to have and now there was something she couldn't quite trust in that voice; a hint of something nearer to Cockney than to Harley Street. Nanny's Friends - 'She calls them her little friends,' Suzy slurred. 'Miss Harlow says that when it's time for a doll to "stay" with her, she "prepares" eyes, really beauuuutiful eyes for it.' The Parchment Recipes - Emily clung for life to the bric-a-brac which made a Mausoleum of her home; for sure, in everything Berny had touched, he still lived and somehow she would - she would reach out to him. The Rum Barber's Baby - Harry the barber was vast; a Sumo wrestler without the wrestle but it was only after two vandals had sprayed his shop window in boot-high capitals with I'M TOO FAT TO - - - - that he'd finally come to hate himself. NOVELLA - A ROMANCE A Face in a Corridor - Can a paranoid stop himself from destroying she alone who might have shown him what love could be? At night-time her teacher enters the closed and dimly lit college buildings and, in the empty classrooms and the silent corridors, he tries to come to terms with what seem the appearances of the students and their culture. They have so reduced him and, in turn, made him suspicious of the girl he wants to trust as his passport to their acceptance. Reviews: Atmospheric; intriguing. Beautifully observed characters. BARBARA ERSKINE, best selling author of Time's Legacy. A real page-turner, worthy of comparison with the early John Fowles but distinctively Raymond Nickford. ALLEN J. MILLINGTON SYNGE , author of Bowler Batsman Spy. Atmospheric, vibrant, spooky page-turner. REAY TANNAHILL, historian, novelist and author of The Seventh Son.
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Twists in the Tale

With the exception of the romance " A Face in a Corridor," which is a small novel or novella at the end of the collected stories, each is like a portrait so you might forget a detail of location or story but you can't quite forget the main characters. This was true whether the character was the deluded and pitiable schizophrenic Sam Baldock, who believed he heard the voice of Beethoven and had to be escorted, for his own sanity, to the 'Beethoven Wohnung, Museen de Stadt Wien' (Beethoven museum in Vienna), or whether the character is the more stable nurse Miranda, in the story Voices of a Hypnotist. Miranda was I thought difficult to forget for her pleasant naivety and vulnerability in the hands of the less than professional hypnotist in London's elite Harley Street. The style is very visual. In "The Parchment Recipes" and "Father's Helping Hand" you're crept out by some eerie and fully fleshed-out characters who. It's a bit like the numb feeling you can have after coming out of a film like Schindler's List - except that Twists in the Tale stories are, generally, much sunnier and, in one sense, perhaps more uplifting than SL. Liz W - Bristol, England
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Gentle on the ghosts

I'm not generally persuaded by ghost stories and to be fair only three of the stories actually imply some form of the supernatural but it's likely fair to say that these stories are unique, because of the way the author hints at ghosts without getting in to bed with them, so to speak. When Emily tries to "reach out" to her dead husband, Berny, in The Parchment Recipes, we don't see or have implied an apparition yet there is an overwhelming sense of presence and definitely a convincing handling of the idea that spirits can - through one psychology or another - tenuously connect. Although Nickford is a condensed writer, economical with back story, I agree with Barbara Erskine's comment and, like her, these stories did "make me want to keep reading". - Mark Shillingham
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