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Jeanette Walls was born April 21, 1960 in Phoenix, Arizona. She led a somewhat troubled childhood as she didn’t spend too much time in any one place. Her dad was an electrician and her mother is an artist. For whatever reason, Walls’s family moved repeatedly, without ever really making one place a home. They moved from Phoenix, to San Francisco, to parts of Nevada, and then to the Eastern border of the United States in West Virginia.

Walls attended college in New York City and started her writing career with a small newspaper, initially as an intern and later as a full time reporter. The newspaper was shut down many years ago, but this gave Walls a chance to start honing her craft. She went on to work as a columnist at New York magazine. Later, Walls moved on to USA Today and has also written a gossip type column for

Walls wrote her first book, Dish: The Inside Story on the World of Gossip. This was her first taste of the novel publishing world, but it wouldn't be her last. She went on to pen a bestselling book called The Glass Castle. This is a novel based on her life. It won the Christopher Award, the Books for Better Living Award, and the American Library Association’s Alex Award.

In 2007 Walls stopped writing for magazines and websites and started a career solely as an author. She has since published her second book, Half Broke Horses: A True-Life Novel.

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