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Brian Andre` Kirton is a 22 year old senior at Marygrove College. Michigan: Majoring in Marketing. I am a blogger and free-lance writer. Originally from Barbados. I am not a very emotional person, but when I write, it's my time for expression. I prefer realism and try to make the reader feel as though they are learning and experiencing someone's story. When I write time escapes me and the images in my head seem to be tangible. "You never know what Brian is thinking about!"

Story: Breath of fresh air


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What is the best writing advice you've ever heard?
You must have "thick-skin" and patience. Never give up pushing your material. Remember it is how "well" you write not how much stories or books you complete that defines you as a "writer".
When you start a new story do you prepare an outline in advance or do you just jump right in?
I jump right in, this way the writing flows freely and my temperament and experiences shape the piece, then when i go back to add more, it may twist depending on my present mood. Writing is an expressive craft, outlines can be restrictive.
How do you deal with writing criticism, apart from just ignoring it?
Criticism can not be 100% ignored, you should always take it with a grain of salt. I always take it into consideration depending on the critic.
America's Next Author has been running for almost 8 weeks. If you could re-submit now, would you change anything about your story?
Yes, I would give more description on Sheila's abuse in effort to provoke more emotions from the reader.



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I think this line captured Sheila's life in the beginning: "Love only existed in her dreams and she (had) ceased sending the invitation for it to enter her life." A railing against that life is what informed her decisions at the end of the story. It became her own growth process, so she could let go of the stagnancy and apathy that had crept up on her over the last decade. It was well-written, and the MC's deep musings and introspection was clear. There were a number of spelling punctuation errors, and thoughts don't need to be written within quotation marks. It was a good read, and thank you for reviewing my story, Double Take.


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That young man is indeed bold, i like how u kept the mystery about him, i wouldve like if you described fernando more tho, but it is very inpsiring. I think most middle aged women go through this stage in this life, when they are curious about younger men...a good read, i like the ending.


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Very interesting read. Great descriptions and storyline

Emily B.

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Excellent story, Brian! Although the story is short, it is intriguing and rich. I was immediately immersed and find myself wondering what Sheila's new life will hold for her. Great job in capturing your readers' attentions and concerns!! Keep it up, you have great promise!

Rose Burke

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Great read, I was hooked from the start! Much like your character, I grew up with a mother who was also against cooking on Friday nights. I felt like I was able to connect with your character and feel her emotions through your words. Great job! If you get a chance check out my story This Girl and a Bartender and let me know what you think, thanks!

Bruce M

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Skilled writing. Well done!


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this is a quality piece of work its really insightful and good.

Naturally Blessed

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Very interesting story, seems very intriguing, but long story short its food for thought...great job!!!


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Very interesting story.... I really enjoyed the ending and what I like most about it is that it gives persons involved in these types of relationships the courage to get out... Great work Andre'

M. Calloway

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Andre is great all around. You can't go wrong!!!


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I was impressed have some skills Andre'


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I started out interested in the main character, wondering what she would do, what she was thinking. As I got closer to the end I realized this was a story very similar to my own... a different perspective of a WOMAN'S decision.


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Hey guys give your ratings to the right-------> Whats is your impression

The Best

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Great read

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