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As I'm sure is common for writers, I've been writing since I was a child. I began with a story focused on my family's dog as he was abducted by aliens, then returned to earth. Later in life I tried writing stories focused around my friends, portraying us as heroes in battle - when we of course had the skills and tools to overcome any and all odds. In college I had the chance to put some new writing together and have it reviewed by peers. Needless to say, those classes also greatly improved my writing as all I'd done up to that point was quite bad. So here I am today, in Grand Forks, ND working and writing when I get around to it. It's something I greatly enjoy, yet have a hard time finding the motivation for. Thanks for checking this out!

Story: Chuck's Cookie


Pomegranate Zombie

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Hello Andrew! I love your imagination. It's always more fun to read a story when you can tell that the author had fun writing it. I hope to read more of your stuff in the future to find where that creative brain of yours will take you. I will give you a minor criticism. I think you should read the story out loud to yourself or listen to someone read it to you just so you can hear some of the places where the pacing is a little disjointed or where there are some things that could be edited. But, then again, I have the misfortune of having a musician's ear that can make me over-sensitive to that kind of thing. Keep up the good works!


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Very interesting and went places I would have never thought of. Also vary fast moving. Very good job.

Cookie Fan

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Love this author's technique of slipping from reality to fantasy and back again. He's captured a young boy's world.


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This is a great story. I have 2 grandsons who would very much enjoy this story. Keep on writing!


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I love Chuck! He's the kid in so many of us! This is a great story, and a wonderful one for kids to read- especially boys. If someone is having a difficult time finding a good, fun, adventure story for their boy/grandson/classroom/library/babysitting bag- your search is over! Keep them coming Andrew!


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Gee... wish I had some grandchildren to read this to. They would absolutely love it! Keep up the good work Andrew!

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