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I live in Portsmouth, Virginia and have been writing since 1985. My work has appeared in The Funny Paper, The Ultimate Writer, and Conceit Magazine and an upcoming one to published by Art Times in 2013. Two of my short stories are posted on and I hope to write my first short story collection which I hope to finish before giving up writing.

Story: Threnody for a Brown Girl


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trouble with creating scene in my work. My characters are there but hardly any background. I also need to develop my characters more. Make them seem like real people


Lisa Rose

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This was a really good story. I felt so sorry for the character of Kendall; thrust into a world she didn't know and then losing her mother. The scene where the killer come after her gave me the chills. I think that is the thing that we are all afraid of... the hand reaching out of the dark to cover your mouth and silence your screams for help. There was only one thing I noticed. After the death of Nena the police show up and you wrote: 'Police officers and crime scene technicians came and went while Hunnicut questioned Jean Vernon and Nena Armstead.' Wasn't it Kendall who was questioned as Nena had been murdered? Good story. If you have the time please read my story 'Drift Away' and leave a review to let me know if you liked it.

Victoria Riley

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Immediately I felt very badly for Kendall because of the mother she had and learning the rough side of life and perhaps feeling badly for the life her mother Nena Armstrong had.I say this because Kendall said "Mom had no enemies except herself". I don't usually like detective stories and especially if their crammed into a short story with limited words, but this was colorful and the Author pulled me in from the start. Good writing! Mine is "The Moccasins" I hope you will read and leave a review.

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