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Knowing that a B.A. in English wasn’t likely to land him a good-paying job, Anthony did the only thing he could think of: he got the degree as quickly and cheaply as he could.

Having dreamt of being an author since age eight, he reveled in his classes until June of 1996 when, after three years of school, he left the University of Minnesota with proof that he could read.

Interviewers were unimpressed and, true to his expectations, he found himself making $10 an hour as a home health aide, a door-to-door vacuum salesman, and later as a bill collector.

Jobs that paid the bills were just that: jobs.  When the workday was over he left them behind, completely.  At home he continued doing what he loved, creating, writing and tinkering with computers.

A self-described nerd (and proud of it) Anthony was completely surprised when his experiments with video game design landed him a job at Arkane Studios, a game company based in Lyon, France.

Deciding it was time to begin living rather than continue dreaming he took a chance, sold his house, quit his job and cashed out his 401k.  He spent an amazing year living in France, sightseeing in Switzerland and Italy with his wife and three daughters.

After a year in Europe he returned to the states and continued working in games, this time based in Austin, Texas.

Delighted to finally have a job that encouraged his creativity, and inspired by the many people he had met in the game industry, Anthony took eight months to rewrite a story he had been fiddling with since college.

He submitted “The Last Page” to several potential agents and publishers.

After a couple years worth of rejection and good advice, he finally sold the “Last Page” and its sequel to Tor Books in early 2009.

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Black Bottle ePub download by Anthony Huso
Black Bottle
Anthony Huso
Tor Books, August 2012
ISBN: 9780765325174
Format: ePub
List Price: $14.99 Our price: $7.99
The Last Page ePub download by Anthony Huso
The Last Page
Anthony Huso
Tor Books, August 2010
ISBN: 9780765325167
Format: ePub
List Price: $9.99 Our price: $7.99
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