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Reality show star featured on MTV'S True Life and ABC'S Glass House. Also featured on FOX, PBS, NPR, Vibe, The Billboard Awards, etc.. Founder of "The Traveling Poet Project"

Story: The Traveling Poet


Alyce Wilson

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I would love to hear you read this aloud, because this wasn't so much a story as a monologue. I checked out your Traveling Poet Project, and it's an amazing thing you're doing! As someone who started out writing poetry and only recently began writing short stories, I know how different the two forms are. I would really have liked it if you had told your personal story in a clearer narrative form, though. Please take a moment to read my story, "Dating Safari," and leave me your comments. Peace!

Lisa Rose

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A young man in search of himself and sharing it with us, but, sorry, but this is in no way shape or form a story.


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This is exactly like any of the 109 chapters in Eat, Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert except for young, neurotic men instead of middle-age neurotic women.


Rating starRating starRating starRating starRating star
Amazing spiritual travel book. Can't wait to read the entire thing

Frances Bell

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This is a discourse; a self-indulgent examination. Written in the 1st person, without plot, without character or drama. And no poetry which is why I read it - looking for poetry. There wasn't even a metaphor I could hold onto... Sorry, I really didn't enjoy it.

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