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Bernard L. Dillard is Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Fashion Institute of Technology.  There, he teaches several upper-level courses, including Statistical Analysis, Data Analysis for Business Applications, and The Mathematics of Personal Finance.  He primarily focuses on equipping students with the technical background needed to become major players in business and industry.  Second, his passions lie with raising the level of financial literacy among students as well as colleagues.

Hailing from Durham, N.C., Dillard graduated as valedictorian of his high-school class.  He then went on to earn degrees in English and mathematics from Morehouse College, finishing magna cum laude.  In one graduate-school experience, his interests focused on the education of the middle-school child.  In another, his research addressed wavelet-based, statistical techniques used for biosurveillance and national security. 

Professor Dillard’s scholarship focuses on bridging the gap between theory and its practical applications.  In early 2012, Kendall Hunt Publishing released his co-authored textbook, Elementary Statistics (3rd edition), a book in widespread use on college campuses across the U.S.  Statistical application through case study is a particular hallmark of the text.  Currently, he is finishing Moneymatics, a book exploring concepts of personal finance and the mathematics undergirding them.  He conducts seminars and workshops frequently for both youth groups and adult groups in an effort to heighten awareness of these financial issues and ideas.

In addition to his scholastic side, Dillard enjoys acting and modeling.  He has booked key gigs, including acting roles for The Wire and West Wing, theatre roles for Deli of the Damned and Topdog/Underdog, and modeling and commercial assignments for Sean John and Sony Ericsson.  He is always actively engaged in the auditioning process in the New York area and continues to pursue significant small- and big-screen roles.  

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