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Well, I like reading and love to write, sometimes it's hard to right down what I'm thinking though, I wish your brain was like a typewriter that wrote down everything you thought and some how printed it for the world to see, like those stupid texting commercials you see on the television, who knows with technology I think it could happen. Anyway I love writing and wish to become a writer, hopefully that can happen soon! It's not the journey that matters, what matters is having fun while journeying! I can't wait to see what amazing work is on this site! Come visit me sometime!

Story: Lost and far from home


Alyce Wilson

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While I liked the use of the girl's perspective, I felt that it was sometimes confusing. It was unclear how old she was, and how old Officer Mathews was, so their relationship seemed troubling initially. I think it's a good idea to explore the mental dissociation suffered by the girl from the abuse and would like to see you do more with that, to describe more of what she'd gone through, from her perspective. Please take a moment and read my story, "Dating Safari," and share your comments.


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Couldn't get past the third paragraph. It was too predictable and there was no description that I hadn't read somewhere else about a million times before.

Lisa Rose

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Officer Mathews was abused and now wants to save Molly. Good idea, but you need to work on story structure. Your characters ramble and it is difficult for the reader to follow. If you have the time, please read my story, 'Drift Away' and leave a review letting me know if you liked it.

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