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Bob Donnelly, a third generation native New Yorker, connects much of his personal and professional accomplishments to his early roots-- having grown up in “The Big City.” Born and raised as one of seven children in a struggling family, The Donnellys lived in the “Yorkville” section of Manhattan--in a cramped, (walk-up), tenement apartment house. Living directly across the street and also from a struggling family, was Kit Culkin, one of Bob’s earliest of childhood friends. While most people immediately associate Kit with his famous son, Macaulay Culkin--Hollywood’s “ Home Alone Kid,” Bob has a much different connection with Kit. To Bob, he was an early role model--he was several years older and a true older- brother type. In fact, in his own family, he was the eldest of his siblings and played a parent-like role while he studied unrelentingly in his personal pursuit to achieve Hollywood fame. Kit radiated a positive and “can do” attitude to others around him and served as a true early example of-- “Tough Individualism.” Back in the day, the struggle was all about overcoming adversities such as poverty, limited job opportunities, and in general--the prospect of an uncertain future. Many of these issues, as perplexing as they seemed, were actually dealt with at the kitchen table--and in a family consensus fashion. Out of sheer necessity, most folks maintained a –“Just keep it simple,” attitude. For example, if you needed food/you needed to seek work, if you had a loose tooth/you may have looked for a piece of string and the nearest doorknob, and if you needed a new outfit/you looked in your sibling’s closet. The times called for a great deal of resourcefulness and self-sufficiency, to say the least. Remaining ever cognizant of these fundamental lessons in self preservation, Bob would later recoil this basic native intelligence by associative reasoning, into a more refined problem solving “Model,” later to be used in his entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Fighting Fire With Fire-Charging Your Way Out Of Credit Card Debt PDF download by Bob Donnelly
Fighting Fire With Fire-Charging Your Way Out Of Credit Card Debt
Bob Donnelly
authorhouse, April 2012
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