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Brittany Parliament Bellaire, Michigan Graduate of Bellaire High School and Northwestern Michigan College

Story: How I Wonder What You Are


Alyce Wilson

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What a sweet story! Its simplicity is the magic in it; the way you knew exactly where to add detail and exposition. Sadly, I think my own son would need to make a similar journey to really see the stars. It did strike me as a little worrisome that a 20-year-old man, even if he is her brother, was sneaking a 6-year-old out of her house at midnight, but I was happy to see that the ending was so magical. Please take a moment to read my story, "Dating Safari," and leave me your comments.

Lisa Rose

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Sorry, but you have adjective issues. A nightshirt does not hang sleepily and nights are not rusty ( unless they are knights ) and lights are not loud. Sorry, but that bugged me. This was a good story however. I wish that you had given more background as to why Ronnie (or anyone else) had never seen the stars. Also when you change speakers, you need to start a new paragraph, so that the reader can keep better track of who is speaking. If you have the time, please read my story, 'Drift Away' and leave a review to let me know if you like it.

Book lover

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Oi! I just really wish more authors had had someone EDIT their story before submitting it.

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