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Cheryl Frampton is a media personality, talk-show host, motivational speaker, and life coach. She is also a trained, certified advocate for Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC). In Sarasota, Florida, she was a member of a task force on the growing problem of abuse within relationships. Under county auspices, she organized and spearheaded the campaign “Hitting Home” in October 2005.

But the list of credentials does not begin to describe Cheryl Frampton, the author of three books, ‘For Crying Out Loud’ ‘Survival Tips and her E-b00k ‘How To Reclaim Power Back Over Your Painful Memories in 5 Steps’. To say that she has a voice that resonates loudly and eloquently on the subject of relationships both personal and within the workforce on a wide variety of subjects would be a major understatement. Her vibrant personality gives hope to others in a remarkable way. No matter where she goes—from auditoriums where she speaks, individual workshops or to Starbucks, where she picks up a cup of double decaf cappuccino, Frampton touches people’s lives. She’s a magnet for those who have suffered abuse or difficult relationship problems, and the negative impact this has on small or corporate business. Every time she is approached, she reaches out and offers comfort and hope through her intuitive ability to communicate with many on any level. She has the ability to make you feel she understands and is talking directly to the individual.

Not surprisingly, she has been a popular guest on radio and television shows. both within the UK, Bahamas and Florida. Her own talk show “For Crying Out Loud” was a major success in Sarasota, Florida.

The best part of her bio is that Cheryl Frampton, as an survivor stands tall as living proof that you can successfully break free from painful and sometime abusive memories so as they no longer have the emotional power of the individual, therefore helping others to recognize and understand how they can improve their life’s on a permanent level. Enabling them to move forward both professional or personally. Not only is she qualified to write and speak on many levels and subject, but Frampton also has the heart to empathize deeply with others who have been abused— especially the young, having seen the effect on her own two sons when they were teens themselves. She can tell them how to handle hurtful memories in constructive ways and come out the other side intact, happy, and well adjusted.

Cheryl speaks from first hand experiences, from the heart and with passion, wherever she speaks she touches the lives of many and leaves behind tools that can be applied throughout ones life.

Cheryl has lived in England, Australia, and the U.S. She has worked as a beautician, nurse’s aide, and TV/radio personality and songwriter, winning in 1996 certificate of excellence for her songwriting ability in the field of country.

In 2003, Cheryl Frampton wrote her incredible story in the book For Crying Out Loud, which she followed up with the self-help booklet Survival Tips. These books served as springboards for numerous media engagements; she was an in- demand guest on the BBC and LBC and other radio stations and television broadcasts. She became a regular advisor on domestic violence on ITV’s “Trisha Show.” She gave talks for police departments, civic groups.

Today, Cheryl Frampton lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, Nigel, . She came to the U.S. from England in August 2004. Her son Shane and his partner, Lizzie,and two grandchildren Wil and Evie live in Sarasota, Florida along with Lee and his partner Linda. Cheryl’s stepchildren Christopher and Joanne are in England.

Because of the experiences Cheryl has personally had to overcome and the fast research and training she has taken upon herself to learn, this has given her an unique way of life coaching for individuals and companies wishing to learn more about themselves and their position in the work place.

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Survival Tips To Ease The Confusion Of Life
Cheryl Frampton
Hartsmere, April 2012
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Dr. Scott Strader PhD & Cheryl Frampton
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