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Christopher M. Blanchard is nearing 40 years old, lives in San Diego with his beautiful wife and wonderful son and one very loud and annoying cat. He works during the day, but writes whenever he get's a spare chance. He is a fan of role-playing games, science fiction and fantasy books, movies and TV shows, and Wil Wheaton. His biggest goal in life is to see his name on the spine of a paperback on the shelf of his favorite bookstore.

Story: Jack Be Nimble



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I love the idea of fleshing out an old children's rhyme into an entire story! Very Dickensesque (Yes. It's a word because I say it's a word.) You could really feel for the kids' situation.


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I really liked the historical facts and setting I learned about in this piece. I don't think there is enough attention paid to Dickens and other authors that clearly influenced this piece, especially given the point in history our civilisation has reached. At the same time, there is a lot of what we call "throat clearing" to settle into the narration. You don't have to say "I should start at the beginning", you just have to start at the beginning. There were also shifts between 19th century dialect and contemporary language. It's very jarring to go from "lads" to "kids."

Lisa Rose

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Very inventive and original. By the end I was as desperate as Jack was for him to escape. I did notice a couple of typos (jack at the beginning, bead instead of bed and near the end Jacks' when it should have been Jack's) nothing big. If you wouldn't mind, could you read my story, 'Drift Away' and leave a review to let know if you liked it?

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