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Colette is the mother of 4 beautiful daughters and four grandchildren. Recently she's proud of completing her book Bone of His Bone, poetic romance. The book is filled with romance, passion, eroticism, sensuality and the Word of God. Colette is a Shepherdess, the CEO of Women of Wealth, Inc., the host of River City Today talk show and an author. Her gift, love and passion is writing and public speaking. She envisions herself touching multitudes of individuals with words of motivation, knowledge, instruction and direction in order for them to obtain higher heights in their own personal goals. Her knowledge of public speaking, business organization, and collaborative ventures has allowed her to assist many in activating new avenues for their enrichment and betterment. Colette also enjoys reading, traveling, sewing, music and ministry.

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Alyce Wilson

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My first impression is that this sounds more like a character sketch than a story. However, the good news is that now that you've explored so much of this character's background and motivations, it should be easy to tell a story about her that includes action, relationships, and character development. I hope you find this comment useful; keep writing! I'd love it if you would read my story, "Dating Safari," and share your comments.

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