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Courtney’s love for reading and writing began at an early age after she won a writing contest in Elementary School. She continues to write poetry, songs and fiction books. She is an active blogger and social media maven focusing on writing, fitness and the entertainment industry. Courtney was born and raised just outside Rochester, NY and currently resides in Charlotte, NC.

Story: The Man Behind Him



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This story could have really benefited from an editor. There were several distracting typos. Based on the other reviews, I really wanted to finish the book, but there wasn't much pulling me to the end, until the very end, when it seemed something very dramatic might happen. The story line is also lacking in originality, although I agree that the two different viewpoints livened it up a bit for me. Overall, I found the story to be quite cliche.


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Great story! I loved the different points of view. I do wish it was longer. I didn't want to stop reading!


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I loved this! I wish it wasn't a short story!

Book lover

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It took me unti half way through this story to even get interested. I tried and tried and tried and finally got pulled in when the kiss happened. The beginning could have been better but it was worth the read by the end.

Lisa Rose

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Good story! Love and marriage is not something you should jump into unsure and Riley was definitely, not sure. Sometimes it takes more courage to do what you know is right, instead of just what people expect. Strong characters, I would have taken Lucas too.


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Great Job, Courtney! I loved the two points of view and enjoyed the runaway bride theme, considering I have been a runaway bride 2 times and finally found and married the man of my dreams!!! GREAT WORK!


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The two different point of views makes for a real intriguing plot. Well done.


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Give it all you got girl!

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