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I am originally from the small island of Antigua, located in the Caribbean. I moved to St. Thomas U.S. Virgin islands in my early 20's where I gained my Bachelors in Business Administration. I then relocated to Marietta GA a year after that. I have two wonderful boys that I absolutely love to death, ages 3 and 5 years old. They both helped me today by taking pictures of me for my profile picture. (Those pictures did not come out as I would have liked though. ) I presently work as a Tech II downloading Point of Sale terminals in a warehouse in GA. If I’m not working, spending time with my boys, reading or writing, I am listening to music. This ranges through Gospel, Reggae, Soca or Dancehall. However if I am writing, then it will be Electronic/House music. (I don’t know exactly why besides the fact that it seems to help me) I decided to write an ebook less than a year ago to help supplement my income. I stopped working on my book and started working 60 hour weeks. When that opportunity was no longer available, I started working on my book again. So to date, I am yet to have a ready to publish book. But I am confident that I will have at least one before the year is over.

Story: Dr. Parker: Patient - Cliff Jones


Alyce Wilson

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I could figure out exactly where this was going, but I loved the little touches that show how, in his mind, he's still married. I think with some careful reshaping, where you don't give so many early hints (such as about the accident), this could be an edge-of-your seat story. Please read my story, "Dating Safari," and leave your comments.


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Nice suspense, a little predictable, but a good attempt overall.

Lisa Rose

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It was apparent from the start what was going on, the same dress, never talking. And there were a lot of punctuation errors. The best advice I can give'; read and re-read and then read again. Try doing this out loud, it will help you to catch mistakes. If you have the time, please read my story, 'Drift Away' and leave a review letting me know if you like it.


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An interesting premise and an interesting story. I loved some of the descriptive phrases eg "If her curves weren’t enough to put a man at her heels..." I also love the concept of this being a serial piece from different viewpoints. Think it has a lot of potential. Its fair to say, as others have pointed out, that there are some grammatical errors in this piece. If I had to give you one piece of advice it would be to focus on correcting this in the future - writing is about re-reading over and over again, then getting your friends to read it, then putting it away for a month and going back to read it again. That being said Dr Parker was an enjoyable read. Your series is a great concept. The best parts of your work created a vivid picture in my mind of what you were describing, like I was watching a movie. That's a rare talent.. Your one star was much too harsh - keep writing, you've got the talent you just need polish!


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I'm not keen about this story. There were many and I meant MANY grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes, which I will forgive if it was a minimal amount, but not so in this case. Not a fan of the writing style at all and I found myself struggling to finish the story, when I did, I wasn't blown away at all.


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Great read, left me wanting more....... Patiently awaiting the next chapter.

Book lover

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I didn't like the writing style, I didn't really enjoy the story line either. From the very beginning it was horribly obvious how this was going to end....On top of that, this is "Part of a series", the author is using this contest to promote his new series or books....Joy...another open ended story because the authors won't take the time to write a unique piece for this contest? The one star comes from all of that. I thought the writing could have been better, the story could have had more suspense, and it could have been a complete story...


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