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Raised in a Cherokee family, around a kitchen table endless mythologies were rooted by family raconteurs in my early childhood. They fueled my youthful imagination as I marveled about the delicious tales life would color around my forthcoming table.



Peter Lahanas

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I really enjoyed this story. The narrative is mesmerizing for the most part,and draws the reader into the the tangible ethereal existence of Angels, love, and the infinite existence of our souls; the one thing Time cannot take away. I'm a huge believer in the afterlife due to personal experiences and the way you have described Stan's final moments made me tear. As far as the editing goes, it doesn't need too much...just a bit of a polish (everyone's story on here does...mine included) but the fact is, it's very beautifully put together and well written. I loved it. Nice work Donna. If you have the time, I would really appreciate your thoughts on my story: 'A gold star for Henry.'

Susan Gale Wickes

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I enjoyed your story. I was drawn in and there were many passages that I found memorable. Among them, "There are moments in our lives when the world should shudder to a complete halt, and we should stop to breathe. The sun should cease moving, the wind blowing and nothing should continue because nothing will ever be the same. EVER." I did notice a few places in need of an edit, but I think you have a gift for writing and I really enjoyed reading your story.

Lisa Rose

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Welcome to the contest. I really like the idea of your story but, unfortunately you need to work on your story structure some more. You seem to have a problem with run-on sentences. I read somewhere that a sentence should be no longer than 20 words. In your third paragraph your first sentence in almost 40 words. When sentences are that long you lose your reader. Also I know this is a heartfelt story, but the adjectives obstruct the flow of words. There are way too many of them. You could probably cut half of them out and have more room to continue telling your story. Please do not take this the wrong way, it is only my opinion. But if you were to do a quick re-write before the end of the week, they will swap the stories for you. I wish I could rate this higher. Good luck! If you have time please read my story 'Drift Away' and leave a review to let me know if you liked it.


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I never got to say good-bye to my father, I now KNOW he is still with me. Thank YOU Donna Well versed and so touching!

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