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Dan Burke is a diet and fitness guru, athlete, coach, and writer. He has trained thousands of people from all walks of life for over 25 years. Dan has created and authored all of the products sold at www.figurecoach.com, a website dedicated to the women’s sport of Figure Competition. He has taught thousands of professional and amateur Figure Athletes how to diet, exercise, and pose to compete on stage and win women’s Figure Competitions.

Dan has taken the secrets these athletes have used to get in fantastic shape, and to look and perform their best, and revealed them to you. He has boiled it down to an easy-to-understand wholesome approach to weight loss and athletic performance. He is the mastermind of the "Get Thin America!" grassroots campaign for USA eating reform. The Fast Fat Loss Plan gives the dieter all of the different tips to maximize weight loss and they can develop their own plan of action that they can, in fact, follow and live with for the rest of their life. He even teaches how to cheat properly on the diet as well, making it realistic for individuals to follow.

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The Fast Fat Loss Plan PDF download by Dan Burke
The Fast Fat Loss Plan
Dan Burke
American Beauty and Fitness LLC, April 2012
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