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Dave is an educator of mathematics and environmental science in Chicago, Illinois. In his twenties, Dave was a health advocate and an active environmentalist. Around that same time he began studying at the world-famous Second City and tortured audiences around Chicago with his improv and stand-up acts (his acts always had a ‘save the planet’ tinge to them). In his thirties he entered seminary school and began studying Eastern philosophy. This is where he learned about that subtle thing called consciousness and gained a deeper appreciation of life. The material comprising this book has been scientifically researched for nearly ten years with the hopes of helping individuals live healthier and happier lives (content was updated November, 2006). Peace and good health to every human, critter, tree, plant, and everything else!

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25 Ways to Raise a Healthy Planet and Family PDF download by David P. McGrath
25 Ways to Raise a Healthy Planet and Family
David P. McGrath
David P. McGrath, April 2012
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