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Born in Pittsburgh, Pa, I have resided in Georgia for the past twenty years. I am a self-taught writer and artist, who has attended writing conferences for the past fifteen years. I love fantasy and writing for the youthful at heart.

Story: Canyon Adventure



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Deb Cidboy has an amazing imagination and she strengthens her stories with sound research. Canyon Adventure is an another-world story, set in a very real place (a section of the Grand Canyon). But, as Deb's characters enter the canyon, they are on a trip that most visitors would never imagine. This fast-paced story is appropriate for young people but adults will also find it intriguing. Deb is very good at blending mystery with adventure and a touch of humor. In short, she is a good writer!

Wendy S

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A great adventure story for the young adventurous teens! I love how the story takes you from one scene to another in their adventure in the Grand Canyon! I can't wait to read more from this author! If you could spare a minute or two could you please read my story called "Hiding in Plain Sight" please? Thank you!

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