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Dennis has a background in quality assurance and auditing and is a certified quality auditor with ASQ (American Society for Quality). He has written over 500 articles mostly on the topic of integrity and hot topics of the day. Links to articles can be found on his website and also on,, and American He is not one to shy from controversial topics as can be seen in his articles.

Dennis believes in the principle that one person can make a difference and through his web site, his articles and his current book he is doing just that. The one key phrase on all his web site pages is quality writing and services to make a difference. Dennis designed his own web site which is a resource for other authors to gain exposure for their work. Through his web site Dennis provides marketing information and opportunities to help other authors and the general public. Any person in business can learn from the information on his site through his articles and articles by other authors. Dennis continually tries to help other authors with information on all aspects of the publishing industry.

Dennis is also a registered expert on for the topics quality control, TQM and ISO 9000. He has been a part of auditing teams and a team leader. Dennis’ relationship with quality assurance principles and integrity principles can be seen in his commitment to operate his business and web site with honesty, integrity and quality principles. This is evidenced by the fact that he has signed a business ethics pledge committed to treating all stakeholders fairly, with compassion and a commitment to service.

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What Makes A Good Audit PDF download by Dennis AuBuchon
What Makes A Good Audit
Dennis AuBuchon
Dennis AuBuchon, November 2012
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