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A high-energy individual ... Donna's past expertise has been centered in the multimedia, music, entertainment fields.

Donna has a passion to add positive energy to the World, via lobbying for numerous homeless children and animals in need of assistance, to reading out to verterans and others in need.

Donna had a dream in November of 2005 about the character Mister Rooster. She envisioned how Mister Rooster could reach out to many children Worldwide, to teach Life Lessons and make learning fun with music, humor, and characters that children enjoy. In that same year, Henrietta, the Wise Ole' Owl came to life, Benny the bashful Bunny came to Life, and Waddles the laid back Ducky came to life. All are ready to enter the homes of our next generation, to each Life Lessons, have fun with games, music, humor, and so much more!

Donna wants to give parents, teachers, guardians, and all who are looking over our next generation of children, the pease of mind that The Mister Rooster website is a safe envioronment and the Mister Rooster brand and concept will ensure children are having run, learning social and academic skills, and bringing back some basics in life that are necessary for developmental skills to enter into the World.

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