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As an early childhood educator for a number of years Donna noticed there was an absence of books available that were able to enhance the topics she planned to teach. Frustrated with a lack of material available that was both entertaining and educational, she has taken it upon herself to provide stories that teachers will find useful in their lessons while being enjoyable to read for the students. Donna’s books are not only entertaining, but educational as well, with bits of geography, ecology, humanities, and biology peppered throughout. Educators will find it easy to base lesson plans off the topics covered in the stories and the children will have a great time pouring over the brightly colored illustrations.
After years of teaching pre-school and kindergarten, Donna decided to leave the classroom and stay at home to pursue her dream of becoming a children’s book author. She has three wonderful children who keep her life busy, and provide plenty of inspiration for her stories.  Although taking care of three young girls is a full time job, she still finds time to write almost everyday.
Donna M. Zappala was born and raised in Central New Jersey and currently resides near the Jersey Shore. She and her husband Adrian have been married for over 15 years and enjoy life with daughters Ashleigh, Gianna, and Isabella. Her love of travel has taken her across the country and overseas; Utah and The United Kingdom topping her list of favorite places to visit. Wherever she goes however, she always loves returning home to New Jersey. From home she’s able to enjoy four very distinct seasons, short jaunts to the Jersey shore, and day trips to visit her extended family.
Donna enjoys a very special relationship with her mother Nancy, who has provided unwavering support for her academic, professional, and personal endeavors over the years. Her older sister Sherry has been a constant companion and is always there for inspiration whenever she needs it most. 


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