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Prior to the ban on big game hunting in India, AjaiKumar Reddy Author of "Man-Eating Tigers of Central India", was one of the top two professional game hunters in India, pursuing several man-eating Tigers in addition to other dangerous animals. Leading his high profile clients on game safari through the jungles of India, the author entertained the likes of Indian Maharajas, U.S. Governors and Senators, leading businessmen, and Hollywood celebrities. With his experience and knowledge of the remote Tribal dialects, he quickly became the hunter of choice where eliminating a man-eater was concerned. "Ajay" has shared his thoughts, fears and triumphs with readers in this well written and descriptive narrative of a lifetime in pursuit of the Man Eating Tigers of Central India.

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Man Eating Tigers of Central India PDF download by E. Ajaikumar Reddy
Man Eating Tigers of Central India
E. Ajaikumar Reddy
E. Remesh Reddy, April 2012
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