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E.E.duMortier witnessed the birth of a new Marketing concept, stating that product development originates from consumers rather than engineers’ drawing boards. This was the audacious concept of Marion Harper, leader of the famous Ad Agency McCann Erickson and founder of Interpublic.

McCann proved to be the breeding ground of a generation of Marketing experts who spread the concept that evolved into the modern way of doing business.

At McCann Erickson the author became Creative Director and later-on took responsibility of the Coca-Cola and Exxon accounts in one of the largest markets outside the USA.

E.E.duMortier has ample experience as international executive. He left McCann to become Marketing Director of the largest Cinzano affiliate in the world, Subsequently he led the Advertising, Promotion and Sales operation of the then largest producer and marketer of Westinghouse licensed appliances in Latin America for several years.

The author was then hired by the giant food company Bestfoods –now a division of Unilever- to lead the Marketing and New Product Development division of the firm’s largest Latin American affiliate. E.E.duMortier was then promoted to the International Division of Bestfoods, where he supervised the marketing of the firm’s famous brands –among others, Knorr, Hellmann’s, Mazola, Maizena corn starch) in Mexico and all Central and South American countries. Later on he moved to the Bestfoods World Headquarters at Englewood Cliffs, NJ, to become Business Development Director for the Caribbean Area. During his career with Best Foods the author attended Conventions and Advanced Training in Brussels, Zurich, Heilbronn (Germany). Milan, Austria, the UK and Ireland. E.E.duMortier also taught Marketing courses at several universities and is now a Marketing Course Development consultant to Ambai University.

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MARKETING: Advertising, Sales & Distribution PDF download by Edgar duMortier
MARKETING: Advertising, Sales & Distribution
Edgar duMortier
Enrique Edgardo J. du Mortier, April 2012
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