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Engineer/executive with extensive success in electronics engineering and strategy development/execution.
• Redesigned resistor; improved functionality and averted $2 million repair bill on each product failure.
• Extended the life cycle of critical military equipment; approved engineering change proposals (ECP) for manufacturing process/part upgrades and sourced, located or redesigned obsolete and unavailable components.
• Persuaded client to change new product requirements to an existing technology; delivered in just 2 years; led to utilization of robots to clear caves in Afghanistan, saving countless human lives and changing the paradigm. This job also involved futurology.

Creative innovator with intuitive engineering capabilities and systematic/insightful approach to problem resolution.
• Sourced and located key material, reducing cost per item 92% and saving $2 billion on subsequent requisition order.
• Led feasibility study; correctly advised company against poorly conceived $800 million product development concept.
• Identified new design and coached engineers on replacing obsolete microcircuit for Cobra Helicopter; resulted in launch of new company focused exclusively on developing and supplying this technology.

Visionary with high level of accountability who masterminds profitable business and design solutions. • Collaborated with State Department on approving sale of high-tech equipment to various governments worldwide. • Recommended establishment of Diminishing Manufacturing Resources Office to monitor industry trends and company acquisitions, consolidations and divestitures, facilitating proactive replenishment of "impossible-to-find" parts. Forward-thinking strategist with imaginative flair, creative mind set and unique ability to visualize outcomes.
• Part of a team that managed equipment/parts reclassification, established specifications, defined substitution options and reviewed standards for acquisition group with multibillion-dollar purchasing power.
• Pioneered method utilized in major motion pictures to protect Earth from impact of asteroids/comets.
• Invented homopolar generator that was lighter than previous devices by a factor of 100.

BS, Physics, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.
Quality, Reliability and Maintainability Certificate, Army Management Engineering Training Agency, Rock Island, IL.
Graduate studies, Iowa State University, American University and University of Arizona.
Available for relocation. Published author.

LiftPort Inc. The Space Elevator Company - Unpaid Stockholder/Engineer. I have been living on my retirement annuity since I retired from the government in August of 2004. I am working part time with the founder [Michael J. Laine] and other senior engineers. I am working on concept development and general elevator robot [car] configuration definition. We stockholders re-wrote the book "The Space Elevator" by Dr. Bradley Edwards to make the book readable by the general public. See www.liftport.com

TACOM-ARDEC (Tank and Automotive Command - Armament Research Development & Engineering Center) RETIRED

Electronics Engineer
• Chairman for Configuration Control Board, interfacing with contract manufacturers on process/component changes.
• Authored purchasing descriptions for RFPs for critical and noncritical parts, materials and supplies.
• Averted incorrect purchasing decisions by advising Defense Logistics Agency on component substitutions.
• Reclassified parts/equipment, established component specifications and reviewed/corrected standards.

TACOM-RI (Tank and Automotive Command - Rock Island)

Electronics Engineer
• Acted as Maintenance Engineer Representative on 55 Configuration Review Boards (average work load was 3 Boards).
• Developed Statements of Work, investigated part malfunctions and resolved availability of obsolete/unavailable items.
• Reviewed/corrected Depot Maintenance Work Requirements manual, establishing processes for equipment upgrades.


Electronics Engineer
• Redesigned high voltage power supply for core product offering.
• Significantly reduced warranty costs, improving customer relationships and averting company's impending bankruptcy.
Other employment with George Rolfes Company, Iowa Department of Transportation, Brice Engineering, Harry Diamond Labs.

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