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Born in year of wood-rabbit, 1975, a third-decan Scorpio by western approximations, also 13-Oc in the Mayan Long-Count glyphs, He is In-La'Kech. He is of Irish & Native American descent. Raised in a Navy family, moved regularly and traveled extensively. Learned to read & write at a very young age, and always loved mythology, folklore, fairy-tales, and lives-of-the-saints, thanks primarily to his mother's devout Catholic upbringing. He continues to explore the truth behind The Mysteries of every culture, language & tradition as it applies to holistic living during this age. He is an occasional Channel and Medium who conducts such mysteries in speech and writing, often in a poetic sense, or in terms of Edutainment, for the greater Glory of the Most High, and the greater good and profit of himself & all concerned parties. Peace & Wisdom!

Story: Ghost Story


Alyce Wilson

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The rhythm of the words brings a poetry to this piece, which is less a story than a meditation. I would have liked to see a stronger narrative structure, with a clearer idea of who is speaking and where these thoughts originate. I think you'd like my story, "Dating Safari," which includes magic. Please give it a read and leave your comments.

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